Example of Caps over Roads

Capturing air rights to create open spaces, parking that is decoupled from living spaces and creating spaces for housing that is affordable are important if we are going to improve the built-environment. These pictures from the Loring Greenway provide some ideas of how density and open space can co-exist.

The Loring Greenway “is a landscaped urban passage used by thousands of people every day as they commute between Minneapolis’ busy downtown and the residential areas surrounding Loring Park.”

This is managed by a non-profit, community organization, the Loring Greenway Association. As interesting as the result is the process, as the Association revived this greenway, when it was falling into disrepair. Perhaps what they have done is a model for what could be done over 280 to reunite Winchester corridor.
20160321_18390720160321_183853 20160321_18375920160321_183717



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