This site is intended to provide a forum for citizens to provide their ideas as to how the area along Winchester Boulevard, between Hamilton and Hedding, will develop and what it will be like in the year 2040 (which is closer than 1990 – ouch). The objective is that the City of San Jose will look to this site as a source of information and guidance as to what citizens would like to see as they refine and further define “urban village” as it relates to The Winchester Urban Village (which technically is three urban villages).

Really, the city should have something like this site, as the open meetings are somewhat limiting in terms of individuals being able to provide relevant input. Another important assumption, which will be detailed in a future post, is the idea that this region will transcend the borders of three cities – Campbell, Santa Clara and San Jose.

Premises and ideas will be presented for discussion purposes. The material is presented “as-is” with no warranties for accuracy. The idea is to start a conversation, which is the intent of the comments section under each post. The overarching requirement in the comments is to remain civil; attack the idea with facts (where possible) and not the messenger.

The webmaster admits a bias in favor of developing an urban core, provided the quality of life can be improved for the suburban ring that remains. Heretofore, achieving these  contradictory goals probably wouldn’t have been possible, but evolving technology will change everything.

Interested in submitting an article for this site? Leave a note. The acceptance criteria is that posts must be forward looking (e.g. 2040 and not 2015 or even 2020) and, as much as possible, based on credible evidence as to why a vision might be possible.

Ken Pyle – webmaster


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